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Prior Authorization Management

It's Time To Disrupt The Status Quo

HealthXnet's NEW Prior Authorization Management solution lets you initiate, track, and manage medical inpatient and outpatient prior authorization requests for the New Mexico health plans from a single site. The integrated fax server saves time and electronically tracks submission status.

You can finally reduce expensive manual processing by handling your prior authorizations in one cloud-based system. Manage your prior authorization workflow across your entire prior authorization team, even at multiple locations, and reduce the errors borne from manual processes, staff turnover, etc.

Initiate medical inpatient and outpatient prior authorization requests for multiple health plans

 Look up different prior authorization requirements for the New Mexico health plans from a single site

 Track and manage Prior Authorizations in progress across multiple health plans from a single screen

Share Prior Authorization workflow between users in your organization

Report on prior authorization activity within your organization by user, date range, patient, health plan, provider, etc.

Autofill frequently used information on your prior authorization requests

 Electronically attach supporting clinical documentation 

Track and manage Prior Authorizations in progress across all users in your organization from a single screen

 Easily edit and resubmit a request

Archive completed prior authorizations, for later retrieval and reference if desired

The cost for this service varies depending on your affiliation (health plan, hospital, practitioner office). For hospitals and provider offices, the price is a monthly flat fee based on the size of your organization. There are no per-transaction costs. Please contact us at for a personal quote and a detailed cost benefit analysis.

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