Streamlining the flow of healthcare information

I would like to let you know how much we appreciate HealthXNet here at MedNet. We utilize HealthXnet every day and highly recommend it to our clients for eligibility verification. So far, we have not come across an insurance carrier that we could not get information from.  As a tool for insurance verification, this is one of the best I have used.  Keep up the good work.

Donna Schwendinger, CMPE, MT(AMT), MHA

Operations Manager, MedNet

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

I am writing to express Nor-Lea Hospital District's complete satisfaction with Hospital Services Corporation's product called HealthXnet. Nor-Lea Hospital District's business office has been using the product since 2008.  Nor-Lea Hospital District is a Critical Access Hospital. As such, having good partners is critical to our success. HSC and their HealthXnet product is one of those vital partners.Accurate and problem free billing is critical to our cash flow and the management of claims in the business office.  The information we retrieve back from them is quick and we are able to attach it to the patient account for correct insurance information. In the challenging environment of healthcare billing, HealthXnet is a valuable tool in our toolbox. Please pass along our compliments to the staff.

David Shaw, CEO / Administrator

Nor-Lea Hospital District

Lovington, New Mexico

Albuquerque Urology Associates uses HealthXnet at all levels of our revenue cycle. Initially, our schedulers check eligibility, then our front desk confirms patient benefits prior to their arrival. Many times benefits are actually checked again in our billing area, if there is any question with cards matching eligibility. This service is excellent and we could not do without it. In addition, when we do need to call, we are always treated attentively and quickly.

Thora R. Jackson


Albuquerque Urology Associates

The ability to verify a patient's eligibility/benefit information at the point of patient access is critical in healthcare. HealthXnet is the only insurance verification system we have found that has the simplicity, speed, accuracy and outstanding customer support to keep up with our busy clinic here in Colorado City, TX. HealthXnet has streamlined my verification process, increased staff productivity and improved upfront cash collections. The HealthXnet system offers the technology and resource that allows my staff to deliver an exceptional customer service!

Robert "Murray" Hall, FMA Administrator

Mitchell County Hospital District

Colorado City, Texas

This system is very helpful in allowing our company to make sure patient insurance is active on the date of service. Being able to verify active insurance helps keep out of pocket costs down for our patients and helps reassure us that payment will be made by the insurance company. The large variety of insurance companies that we are able to look up is a huge plus!

April Ortiz, Clinic Lead

Taos Urgent Care

Taos, New Mexico

I am the manager for 2 medical clinics and a hospital business office in Seminole, Texas. HealthXnet is an amazing website. All of your insurance companies can be checked within that one system. No more bouncing back and forth between two or three websites to try to verify eligibility for patients. It is a huge time-saver for us. As you know saving time is huge in our line of work especially when someone needs it checked ASAP. I think that once you start to utilize the system you will truly see how amazing and easy it is to use. There is no hardware that you have to purchase either, just have an internet connection. I promise that if you just try it you will love it. I was skeptical at first myself, but then once I tried it there is no going back. I would suggest setting up one user and let them see how they like it. Try the free 30 day trial, you won’t regret it.

Melissa Tate, Clinic Manager

Memorial Hospital Seminole Hospital District

Memorial Hospital Clinic South / Memorial Hospital Clinic West

Seminole, Texas

HealthXnet was featured in Texas Hospitals Magazine, February 2013

My staff love HealthXnet and all the things it provides for them as they do their daily tasks be it in registration or billing/collections. We especially like the fact new services and companies are being added to the service. It has reduced phone wait time and search time. Great program!

Arlene Harvey-Ferrer, PFS Director
Cibola General Hospital
Grants, New Mexico

I cannot thank you enough for the quality of business. Your service is great! You fill a good niche and using your web site for checking insurance of clients is easy, fast and clear!

Carol Pitkin, CNP

Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico

Healthxnet is user friendly.  The support staff is wonderful.  The information provided has proven to be accurate and our organization relies on it.

 Marie Stailey, Billing Supervisor

Gila Regional Medical Center

Silver City, New Mexico

Our organization relies heavily on this service for our information.

Kelly A Montoya, Patient Account Specialist

CHRISTUS St. Vincent's Hospital

Santa Fe, New Mexico

It is better to be able to check multiple payer information at one source than to have to access multiple web sites for information.

Mickey Baugh, Patient Account Representative

Lea Regional Medical Center

Hobbs, New Mexico

We love our HealthXnet!  I truly believe and know, working with many vendors over 15 years, that you could show the others a thing or two.

Pearie Bruder, Billing Office Manager

Ben Archer Health Center

Hatch, New Mexico

I am very pleased with the ease of insurance verification through HealthXnet.  My time spent verifying insurance has been reduced by at least 80%!  I believe the monthly fee is money well spent.

Jeanette Jones, Billing Manager

On-Site Radiography

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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